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I am interested in becoming an instructor, can you help?2018-10-09T23:46:59+01:00

Yes we can. All our instructors are fully qualified to BASI Level 4 standard. We also have BASI trainers on the team which allows them to train you to instructor level. Click here to find out how to become an instructor and how we can help you!

I am interested in developing my skiing skills, can you help?2018-10-09T23:47:07+01:00

Yes we can. We offer a range of racing courses and skills on our website. However if there is a particular skill you wish to develop that is not mentioned, please do not hesitate in talking to one of instructors who will happily discuss options with you.

Do you provide any refreshments?2018-10-09T23:47:13+01:00

No we do not. There are plenty of excellent food and beverage outlets available across the mountain. We would suggest bringing money so you can purchase refreshments, the Euro (€) is the local currency. If during a lesson you would like to stop for a break, please let your instructor know.

Are the groups categorised by ability?2018-10-09T23:47:20+01:00

We will do our best to group by ability. However if, on the day, a pupil needs to move classes all our instructors are in close contact and will make the necessary changes quickly with as little interruption as possible.

How will I know what my instructor looks like?2018-10-09T23:47:26+01:00

The week before your lesson, we will send a welcome email. We will include your instructors name and phone number in case there is any problems. Just give them a call if you are lost and they’ll help direct you or come and meet you where possible.

Where do I go on my first day of ski school?2018-10-09T23:43:10+01:00

Head to the top of the Plenéy Bubble and we’ll be waiting outside the restaurant on your right. We will be near the ski racks on the snow so we can get going straight away!


When you leave the Prodains Express, go up the escalator and at the top turn right, we’ll be on the snow

Les Gets

At the top of the Chavannes Express, walk out on to the snow and we will be straight in front of you


Take the bus to Pre La Joux, at the far end of the car park, there is a ticket office. We will meet infront of the large piste map


At the top of the Ardent Bubble, walk out on the snow, we will be waiting under the large piste map.

We currently do not have large signage denoting our school. As it can be extremely busy at the top of the mountain in peak season, please look out for the PDS branded jacket your instructor will be wearing.

Do I need to register anywhere in advance of my first lesson?2018-10-09T23:47:39+01:00

No you do not. Once you have met with your instructor, they will ensure all participants are present and ready to start the lesson.

Do you provide ski equipment?2018-10-09T23:47:46+01:00

No we do not. You will need to book and collect these in advance of your lesson. You can do this at www.allmountainrental.com/book-now. When you create a new booking, select PDS Academy from the drop down menu titled ‘tour operator / company’. You will receive a 20% discount when you come to pay if the equipment is booked in advance. They even deliver the equipment to your accommodation to make your holiday as stress free as possible.

What equipment will I need?2018-10-09T23:47:52+01:00

Equipment will vary depending on your booking, however as a minimum we suggest the following:

  • Helmets (these are mandatory for children aged 17 and under)
  • Sun cream and lip protection
  • Warm layered clothes for winter conditions
  • Sun glasses and/or goggles
  • Money for lunch and tea breaks
  • Courage and enthusiasm!
Do you provide a lift pass?2018-10-09T23:47:59+01:00

No we do not. Lift passes can be purchased online in advance. Quite often, if you are traveling with a tour operator, they can order them for you.

Will I receive an information pack?2018-10-09T23:49:50+01:00

Upon booking you will receive an email confirmation, detailing all information relating to your booking and lessons. This will include meeting point, times, dates, lessons booked and equipment list. We will contact you closer to your lesson with your instructor’s name and photo. Please read this thoroughly and if you do have any questions after do not hesitate to contact us on the information provided above.

Who do I contact if I have a query?2018-10-09T23:49:57+01:00

For any query no matter how big or small please feel free to contact our team via email on  enquiry@pds-academy.co.uk or by telephone on +44 (0)20 3290 6731.

Can I book online?2018-10-09T23:50:04+01:00

Yes you can. Our online booking system is quick and easy to use, simply click here to start ››

What levels of skiing do you cater for?2018-10-09T23:50:10+01:00

We cater for all levels. Whether you have never skied before or are an old pro, there is something for everybody. You can check your level easily by clicking here ››

Do you provide lessons for adults and children?2018-10-09T23:50:17+01:00

Yes, we provide lessons for all ages. Group lessons for children range from 6 – 15 years old, usually running for three hours a day over five days. We only offer private lessons for children aged 3, 4 and 5 as we feel they need too much individual attention for group lessons.  New for this season we are offering personal adult group lessons. These will be for three days for two hours a day and have a maximum of four people in, allowing for individual feedback. We also offer private lessons for adults. This is a popular choice for those working on confidence.

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