2 New Lifts Accessing Swiss Side of PDS

One of the best things about the ski lessons we deliver in Avoriaz is the freedom to go to so many different places. We often get the request of skiing to Switzerland and back, its great fun! But theres more to it than that. The slopes on the Swiss side in Champéry – Les Crosets face in a different direction to those in Avoriaz making the skiing quite different. In certain conditions the best skiing is had on the way to or from the Swiss side. This makes new lifts accessing Switzerland and the many resorts of the Porte du Soleil a vital factor in giving you the best lesson we possibly can. So better lifts equal better lessons!

2019 sees 2 new lifts that will offer a new range of loops, circuits and routes. These were previously not possible or less desirable when you had long and slow lifts to get there. Both Mossettes and Léchère are being replaced with new 6 person high speed chairs. Léchère is the old and slow 3 person lift that linked the Linderet Bowl to the Brocheaux and Mossettes lifts. The new lift will actually go a few hundred meters past this and create the option to ski the bottom section of Abricotine, missing out on the harder and higher section.

The chair replacing Mossettes will then continue on all the way to the top of the ridge. This gives access to Abricotine and a new blue run being put in for the opening of these new lifts. It will be a great instalment as the old chair was often shut due to the weather and windy conditions higher up. The new lift is more sheltered and faster so no need to sit in the cold for 10 minutes to get to Switzerland anymore. Thats something our weekend club are very happy about!