Embarking on the journey towards passing the Eurotest can be a a daunting one. To help you get started we have made a Eurotest Kit List of the things you will most likely need. Some of it can be shared, some bought second hand, importantly all of it can be sold once you get that epic pass. We have also listed the price brackets for some of these items as currently listed on Ski Racing Supplies and Ski Bartletts.

Skiing isn’t exactly the cheapest sport so looking after your kit is super important, especially if you  are looking to sell it on afterwards. However a major difference between the Tech training and Eurotest Training programs is the importance of looking after yourself. Giant slalom is great fun but does come with a new set of dangers if we don’t have the right kit.

Eurotest skiing

Protective Clothing


Avoid soft ear helmets, the rule it isn’t regularly enforced but these are not FIS legal and are not a safe option when it comes to racing. Also the last thing you need when you are at a test is to be worrying if your helmet is going to get picked up in the start gate. Price £125-£300


Smashing your way through GS gates for a month is going to take a toll one your arms and shoulders, having no protection leaves you bruised and in the worst cases, scared of the gates themselves. Stealths provide padding to the arms and shoulders whilst allowing you to keep moving freely. Price £80 – £150

Eurotest Protection


Super important, especially if you end up dragging knuck’s! The bases of the gates are much harder nearer the spring. Hit them with your hands in normal gloves and you’ll break fingers, thumbs and knuckles. Price £80 – £150


The above are necessities but there are some really good deals right now on fore arm protectors. These are just the equivalent of shin guards for your arms. Price £50 – £100

GS Guards

Ski Tech-ing

It should go without saying that you need quick bases and sharp edges for both training and racing. In order to keep everything in top condition you’ll need a ski tech-ing kit that has all the key components. If you will be training with a group of friends buying this together splits the cost and makes it easier to get everything you’ll need.


You’ll need a couple of different types and sizes, they can be bought in a pack of three which contains all you will need to get edges sharp and smooth before finishing with the diamond. Price £40 (set of 3)

No point having the best files if your guide is the wrong angle, grab a 87 degree to make sure your edges are super sharp.

Edge Guide

Diamond Files

These get the super fine finish on the edge that makes it sharp but more importantly quick! They come in a variety of grains. Price £20


In order to prep the bases for waxing and skiing there are different versions of brush much like the variety of grains in the diamond files. 3 brushes will be enough, brass/copper, Nylon and Horsehair. Price £10 – £20 each



There are two types of wax to consider, the first is training wax. What works best is a mixed wax that is a jack of all trades like BETA Mix Red. Price £15 per block

Then for Race Wax a higher Flourocarbon (HF) which is pricier and has a narrower range of temperatures. Make sure you know the rough temperature you should be getting. This wax is faster and more hydrophobic but will not maintain the base like the training wax. Price £45 per block


Don’t over spend on the Iron, just keep it clean and wipe it down before storing it. Price £50 – £150

Catsuits and Training Gear

As most of the Eurotest Training on offer is pre season, its high up on glaciers. Which can mean some interesting weather conditions and temperatures. You need to be warm enough to train whilst not restricting movement, this is easier said than done. A catsuit is a must but keeping warm when you are in one is the tricky part, jackets are generally quite bulky so a training top that is warm and light is a must. Combine that with some training shorts (£95) and you should be able withstand most of what the weather has to throw at you.

Heated Boots or Socks are also a great addition if you suffer with cold feet. Lots of people use these durning the winter teaching so they are not a specific Eurotest Training item, however getting them before you head up to a glacier if you see yourself buying them in the future is probably wise.


Not what most people think of when starting training but really important. If your current boots are a shop Tech boot then the likely hood is they are fairly soft. This can be a problem when you start over flexing them due to the increased forces created in a GS turn. We would recommend an entry level race boot as there is no point getting the correct skis if none of the imputs you make ever get transferred to the skis.


Seen as the most important choice, it’s a tricky decision which way to go. Shorter GS ski, Masters ski, older FIS model…

We see the most success with a Masters ski, not because it’s the quickest ski but because it makes learning GS easier. It’s more forgiving and therefore quicker to get used to, meaning people get confident faster and can then look for speed rather than just trying to get down.



A big part of making the most out of your training is saving yourself time and money so that you can spend both on the things that count. So looking at taking what you can with you from the UK to keep your energy levels up is important.

Energy Bars

These can be pricy in resort without much choice either. Take a decent number with you so you can grab a quick boost of energy whilst on the hill.

Swiss Ball

These are great for core sessions but also for flexibility and balance sessions. Easy to transport and usable in your room or apartment which makes them ideal for days off or to get a quick session in on a busy day. Price £5 – £30

Foam Roller

Eurotest Training can be a brutal assault on your muscles, especially if you haven’t skied to that intensity in a while. Foam Rollers help Massage Your Muscles (Myofascial Release) which is essentially a more affordable way to give yourself a deep tissue massage. The process breaks up adhesions and scar tissue to speed up the healing and recovery process after your train. Price £5 – £40