Courchevel is a world class resort for many reasons, one of which is how snow sure it is all season compared to other resorts. 

The quality of the snow is an important thing to look for when looking to book your ski trips.  If you are thinking of coming to Courchevel early season but are worried about the snow, below are the top 5 reasons why Courchevel is a great choice all season long.   

Courchevel is 619 buses high

1- Altitude   

Although it’s not the highest of the French resorts, it’s no slouch with the highest point being just a tad over 2700m above sea level.  To put this into perspective this is the equivalent of piling over 613 Double-decker Buses on top of each other.

The higher you go the colder the air temperature is generally, which is good news for the snow quality. The science behind why its colder at the top of a mountain than at sea level is because the lower pressure you get at higher altitudes, which makes it harder to breath also causes the temperature to be colder than at sea level.  So the next time someone complains about feeling cold at the top of a lift you can explain why!!

North Facing Slopes

2- North Facing

Along with the healthy altitude Courchevel has another big natural advantage, the aspect of many of the slopes in Courchevel are North facing.  This means that the snow doesn’t get zapped by the sun rays as much, keeping the snow in great condition for us to have fun on.

This means Courchevel stays snow sure late in the season as its the South facing slopes that deteriorate first. 


3- World Class Snow Grooming

Not only does Courchevel have the state of the art snow making facilities it also has a world class team of snow groomers. According to the resort last season over 25,000 hours of snow grooming was carried out!!  The grooming team not only take care of the freshly fallen snow, but also move snow around to key areas during periods of sunny weather, keeping the pistes in top shape.  Snow can be preserved with good snow grooming which is why Courchevel invests so heavily in making its grooming team one of the best in the world.

4- Snow Farming

During the last 2 seasons the snow cannons where not needed as much, due to healthy levels of snow fall throughout the season. To take advantage of this in 2018 Courchevel decided to use innovative technology to “farm” the snow.  That’s correct, SNOW FARMING!

Check out the video Ski School Director Gregg made during the summer.

 Snow farming is done by the snow being piled up at the end of the season, placed on to a north facing slope, and then put under a large reflective sheet.  This process is designed to minimise the amount of melting the summer sun does.  This process is also being performed with regularity on some glaciers during the summer to help slow down the melting of the glacier.

5- World Class Snow Making

Courchevel and the Three Valleys promises to provide “more snow than any other ski area” by doubling its snow making capacity.  There are over 700 snow cannons in Courchevel, which covers the entire resort. 

This means if it’s cold enough, there will always be snow in Courchevel.  Courchevel also has its own reservoirs for the snow cannons dotted around the mountains, which makes the snow making much easier to manage.

So there you have it! Courchevel and the 3 valleys is a perfect place to come for guaranteed good snow all season long!  See you on the slopes!!

Written by Gareth Shelbourne
PDS Director and Instructor