Hi, Its Gareth from PDS 3 Valleys.

As I explained in the Beginners guide to Courchevel, Courchevel is a world class resort.  For me as an instructor what makes it a dream place to teach is the fact that it has amazing choices of terrain for all levels of skiers, which are all linked up.  This makes it a fantastic destination for groups or skiers and snowboarders of mixed abilities.

The Different areas of Courchevel

Courchevel is split into 4 different areas:

  1. Courchevel 1850
  2. Coruchevel 1650 (AKA Courchevel Moriond)
  3. Courchevel 1550 (AKA Courchevel Village)
  4. Le Praz (AKA Courchevel 1300)

We will cover La Tania on another series of posts…..

This post is the part of a series of posts to help late beginners – early intermediate skiers.  To clarify this is skiers that at a minimum can already do basic snow plough turns, to those that can finish turns with parallel skis.  Or even simpler, for skiers that are interested in nice easy green and blue slopes.  If you are unsure on your level take a look at our own level guide.

In these series of posts we will explore the following:

This post will focus on the best runs back into the centre of 1850 and 1650, for late beginners – early intermediate skiers.  This is an important part to plan.  It is worth remembering that on your last run you will be probably be skiing your worst as you will be physically tired.  So it is really important to find a slope that matches your ability, always end on a good run!

Best Runs Back Into Resort

Out of the four areas of Courchevel, the two areas that have ski-able runs into the centre of the resort for late beginners – early intermediate skiers, are the runs into 1850 and 1650.  Le Praz and 1550 are a bit too steep at this stage.

1850 runs back into resort

There are lots of run back to the centre of 1850, but not all are accessible for a late beginner to early intermediate skiers, however you still have a varying choice of runs.  Your main choices here are as follows:

Verdon – A wide green with steep sections that runs all the way back into 1850.

Jardin Alpin  – A easy green path that eventually links back onto the bottom section of verdon.

Bellecotte – A very easy green that runs for over 1 km right through some of the 5 start luxury hotels and chalets, into the centre of 1850.

At this stage it I would recommend either Verdon or Bellecotte as your main routes back to the centre of the resort.  They offer more variety and space to ski, so you can practice the skills we have taught you!

Some of you that are staying in 1850 might have a ski in ski out chalet or hotels, which is a great feature.  Most of these are located off accessible runs, however it is always worth checking to see what grade of run the chalet is on.  It is not worth paying the extra to have the privilege of a ski in ski out hotel / chalet, to find out the run that links to it are too steep for you.

1650 runs back into resort

Like 1850, there are lots of runs back to resort.

Do not fall into the trap of looking at the piste map and thinking you can take the long green run called Praline back to the centre of 1650, once you get half way down it turns into a flat cross-country track, which also has up hill sections.  Alpine skiing is all about going down hills not along them or up them!  Trust me you will regret it.

The main choices for 1650 are as follows:

Indians – This a blue run and is probably the easiest option to ski down, after the top 4-5 turns on Indians it is largely on green slope terrain.

Indians is a pretty run. Follow it until it takes you to the Marquis blue run.  There you can either turn left and ski the final pitch of Marquis down to the Belevedere green run, or if you don’t fancy it traverse across to the other side of the piste, there you will see a short path that will link on to the Belevedere green run a few meters further up.  The rest of the ski into the centre of 1650 will be on Belevedere, which is really easy.

Marquis – This is a blue run which has now been landscaped, which has made it a much more manageable run for early intermediate skiers.  It has nice big open wide sections where you can get some speed up and try to practise the parallel skills that we have taught you.  It eventually runs down to the Belevedere green run, and into the centre of 1650.

Our next and final post will give you ideas for late beginners to early intermediate skiers, as to day trips you can go on skiing between 1850 and 1650.

Until then!