Why Sainte Foy is a true Hidden Gem

Sainte Foy is a small resort nestled at the bottom of the Tarentaise valley that gives access to multiple ski resorts including Tignes and Val d’Isere. Just a 20 minute drive along the road from Bourg St Maurice. Having worked there for a week in February along side Robbie and Dan who both run PDS Academy in Sainte Foy I thought I’d offer my opinion on why its so good.
I have worked in a few resorts as a ski instructor and love living and working in the mountains, here is what I like the most about Sainte Foy:
  • Compact – Its not what you’d call a big resort, with 4 chairlifts and 2 beginner carpets there is never a big journey to get to where you want to be. This makes popping up for a few runs off piste, nipping in for a hot chocolate or getting to where you want lunch nice and easy.  It also has the a lot of skiing in a small area, there is hardly anywhere you can’t go on the way down.
  • Off Piste- After meeting my first private clients of the day we chatted about what they wanted out of their lesson and it turned out they had been coming to St Foy for the last 10 years or so. One thing I noticed about St Foy is almost everyone I met was a regular and that was great because they knew all the good spots! We headed off up towards the top 2 chair lifts Marquees and  L’Aiguille, there is so much off piste to explore on these lifts. Ranging from so fairly full on itinerary runs to chilled tracks through the trees . There is an abundance of easy, fun and varied terrain to give kids and adults a great intro to what off piste is all about.


  • On the bottom 2 chairs there is still some off piste, between runs and under the chairlifts. Along with some easier terrain for beginners and the younger kids. But the main draw of heading to these for my groups were the tree runs, drops, jumps and of course the Fox Run (as Robbie and Dan name it). Being below the tree line on these 2 chairs offers a different set of options and we had fun exploring the routes to the bottom in the trees.
  • Le Saint Germain – Its rare that on a holiday week you get to have a sit down lunch every day, normally restaurants are so packed its impossible to even order a meal in the time we get between lessons. Somehow everyday we managed in the wine bar, we had a table, drinks and a choice of some really lovely pasta, soup or tapas style lunch. Oh and most importantly coffee!
  • We all know that any ski resort needs a place where you can go and relax, theres a bar in town Black Diamond Lodge which does bar food which also has a restaurant upstairs. It had a chilled atmosphere due to Sainte Foy being a family resort and was a nice place to sit and watch the rugby with a few snacks!

If you like what Sainte Foy has to offer check out our locations page on the resort here.

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