When life gives you snow canons, make, em…. Snow!

A ski instructors positive spin on the early season drought.

By Scott MacBain.

So my fellow snow sports enthusiast and holiday makers, its that time of year again where we all show up in Morzine expecting the arctic circle and have been greeted by the Mediterranean. Now I know what you’re thinking; sure grass has its benefits and i don’t mind looking at all the lovely cows and horses on the Plenéy, but where am I supposed to make my silky smooth turns?? The answer my friends, is up the valley in Avoriaz!


Here at PDS academy we have been skiing Avoriaz this week and what the resort has managed to create is nothing short of a miracle of nature. There may not have been the precipitation so far this month, but what we have had are sub zero star filled nights and frosty mornings, which are excessively suitable for making the cold white stuff. There may not be all that many green lights appearing on the piste map, but the runs that are open for business like the Arare are certainly providing the goods with grippy groomies and decent depth.

It is at this point as I type, that I hear the reader ask: “yeh thats all good Scott, but what are we supposed to do with a mere handful of pistes!?”

Excellent question! I recall attending an all you could eat Chinese buffet priced at £8 which gave me definitive proof that sometimes life isn’t all about quantity! When presented with less runs than expected but a greater quality of snow and depth on said runs, we can concentrate a little more on improving our base technique and general position over our skis. When the entire area is open I think most of us are a little guilty of neglecting our technique in order to make it to Switzerland and back before sitting down to a fondue lunch.

So whether you are a seasonaire or a family arriving for your Christmas holiday next week, you can use the runs that are open to really kick on and improve as a skier/boarder going for quality performance rather than sheer quantity safe in the knowledge that your bases should come out relatively unscathed!


Merry Christmas guys!


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