Eurotest Kit List


Embarking on the journey towards passing the Eurotest can be a a daunting one. To help you get started we have made a Eurotest Kit List of the things you will most likely need. Some of it can be shared, some bought second hand, importantly all of it can be sold once you get that [...]

A Guide To Morzine


The Town If your travelling to Morzine as a Family then you are in the good company, and here is why. Morzine has an interesting history that dates back over 1000 years and has been the home to Monks, Miners and Farmers. All before becoming the hub of skiing and mountain biking that it [...]

What to wear to Keep Warm Skiing


Hi there, Its Gareth from PDS Academy 3 Valleys.  Ski instructors are like onions, we have layers! For some this might be correct both metaphorically and literally, however in this post you will be glad to know that I am only writing about the latter. With lots of early snowfall across the alps and more [...]

Taking the Eurotest this winter?


With the seasons changing and the temps dropping our focus is starting to turn to winter. Our first project is always on the glaciers, working with candidates aiming to get things dialled in for the first Euro Test of the season. This years calendar kicks off with Carezza in the Dolomites and we as [...]

Getting Fit For Sking – What Exercises to do?


GEETING FIT FOR SKIING – WHAT EXERCISES TO DO? Hey, its Gareth from PDS 3 Valleys.  Here is the 3rd part of my summer skiing fitness blog, I hope you enjoy the read and find it helpful. Where to Start? As mentioned in our previous posts, What is fitness? What to focus on?, skiing taxes [...]